Our Story

from humble beginnings

We started small, but our goals were big.

VMSUS’ first contract to perform as an outsourced contact center was with H&R Block, when they pushed the limits of their software support division. A contract manager was appointed to work with the call center manager creating a ‘point of contact (POC) in order to ensure all aspects of the contract were fulfilled.

Using this model, we have successfully repeated this effort with many other contracts, in several different fields, and we maintain most of those business contracts to this day.

Soon after the completion of the H&R Block contract, we moved into the hospitality industry as an area of focus. Hospitality reservation services, as well as technical support services for the hotel property management and reservation systems, became the backbone of VMSUS for many years. It gave us the foundation and the formula for success.

In 2011, VMSUS averaged over 14,000 incoming calls per month varying from hotel reservations to remote IT support.  Six years later in 2017, we are averaging triple that, over 44,000 calls a month. While the potential to grow larger faster has always been an option, we have chosen to grow the company slowly to best ensure that we can maintain the level of performance our partners have grown to expect.

While the hospitality industry could be the backbone of VMSUS, the bread and butter have been in the direct response marketing industry. When looking for a partner, we couldn’t have asked for a better one than J&L Marketing. Utilizing the same agents that provide the highest level of customer service in the hospitality industry to schedule sales and service clinic appointments in addition to providing follow-ups for upscale auto dealerships throughout the United States and Canada has proven to be another winning formula.

On a much smaller scale, VMSUS also provides remote and in-house IT support for a growing clientele of Non-profit agencies stretched across the state of Maine from Madawaska to Portland.

Through the years our partners have continued to depend on the service we provide be it a “White Label” relationship for a national or international brand or a co-branded relationship. It doesn’t matter if our name is on it or not, we still bring the same integrity to every call and every relationship.

The second half of 2016 began with the focus of launching a Security Monitoring business. That dream has now become a reality with the receiving of our UL certification. 2017 is already looking to be our best year ever. In the first quarter, we launched a brand of our own central station monitoring service known as Virtual Managed Solutions Central Station (VMSCS).


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Innovative Ideas

We are constantly looking for new ways to be your source for unique technology solutions.

UL Certified Central Station

VMSUS is a UL certified central station for Signal, Fire Alarm Equipment, and Services. View here

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