Dedicated or Blended Contact Center

A contact center built for your needs.

Each of our clients come with unique needs that we love finding solutions for. The first choice you will need to make when you become a client of VMSUS is if you want a dedicated or a blended contact center. That is not as easy as it sounds. There are pros and cons of both models which are why we let you chose what solution will fit your needs.

The biggest drawback of a dedicated contact center is the costs. You are paying to have our customer service professionals wait to take calls only for you. If there are no calls coming in at that time there are still fixed costs that would be associated with that model. That drawback depending on your situation could be outweighed by the fact that you are contracting with us to have employees dedicated 100% to you. If there is an extensive level of product technical or product knowledge that you want the agents to know vs being able to find the answer then this option would be for you.

In a blended environment, you are paying only for the calls that are received on a per call basis. We can work with you on a per minute talk basis or by the call with a much smaller ongoing maintenance commitment.  We accomplish this by varying the requirements needed for the agents vs being a dedicated agent. While our agents will still know the information about your business they may not have everything memorized. They will have access to all of the inform about your company at their fingertips and will access the things that aren’t memorized when needed.

To help you figure out the best Contact Center Model for you, give us a call at 207-764-1004.

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