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Direct response marketing is directed towards a specific result that can be measured by the response received from the effort. When one of your partners is rated the #1 marketing company for an industry that makes up 3-3.5% of Americas total gross domestic product, things are good.

While we feel the management and staff of Virtual Managed Solutions bring a lot to the table, working closely every day with a company who is unquestionably the best at what they do for Direct Response Marketing in their industry we cannot help but grab a pad of paper and take notes.

We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than J&L Marketing for introducing us to the direct response industry. When they were looking for help fielding calls for both themselves and their clients they turned to us for our specialized approach of providing top shelf customer service, scheduling appointments in our proprietary calendar software with online web registration capabilities. This enabled them to be able to drive sales for their customers. Taking this off their daily tasks enables them to be able to focus on generating new business while we help maintain the existing clients.

We offer a wide range of services that are a perfect fit for direct response marketing such as the ability to perform both inbound or outbound calls on programs with rapidly changing priorities.

While J&L is our largest partner in Direct Response Marketing, we also work with several other clients on a much broader spectrum of industries doing similar work. We’ve handled projects with a range of political campaigns to local municipalities conducting surveys about the lack of broadband services in rural America. We’ve assisted with telethons, scheduling appointments for Doctors offices, reminder calls for Comunity events and we have the ability to do much more.

If you have a project that you need someone to field the calls for, schedule appointments, follow up after your events to see how the customer service was, we can do that and more. We also have an extra important thing that we haven’t talked about and that is data. Lots and lots of data.

We track all of our call data for inbound and outbound calls. Length, ASA, SLA and so on. Want to know how many appointments your campaign produced, we’ve gotcha covered. We can be as detailed as you need us to be.

In the end, our Business Development Center gives you a staff of highly trained dedicated customer service professionals who have been employed at VMSUS for years. They adjust to the thousands of different campaigns they are asked to assist with every year one call at a time. They make a couple hundred thousand appointments over inbound calls a year for our clients and in 2016 they made over 500,000 outbound calls confirming appointments and performing satisfaction surveys after the completion of the campaigns.


Virtual Managed Solutions is an excellent company to partner with. They are professional, hardworking and just flat out get the job done. C.B and his staff do an excellent job of following through on their promises and always look to improve on customer satisfaction.  We could not be happier to be working with a company like VMS!

Jamil Zabaneh

President of National Accounts, J&L Marketing, Inc.

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