Multi-Tier Tech Support

VMSUS utilizes a three tier technical support system for hardware and software trouble tickets. This allows us to determine a proper course of action through a proven approach. Your technical issue is important to our team and we will our best resources to solve your problem in a timely fashion with minimal downtime.

Tier One support is your first line of defense.  Our technical support agents typically gather user information, document the issue and create a trouble ticket. The Tier 1 agents will provide basic troubleshooting. If the Tier 1 agent is not able to solve the issue the ticket is transferred to Tier 2 support. These agents handle more in-depth troubleshooting and have a complex understanding of the specific hardware/software in question. Finally, our Tier 3 team are subject matter experts and hold industry certifications. These agents have a more detailed understanding of how to troubleshoot issues and can provide network and server support.

VMSUS maintains a suite of tools to support our customer needs. We utilize remote access software to connect to customer machines to resolve issues. Tech support agents also use web chat and email services for customer communication. VMSUS also maintains a CRM platform to track tickets and to easily search for problem resolutions.

Our agents can support your Microsoft desktop and server environment. Many are Microsoft Certified Professionals, A+ Certified or Network+ certified technicians. Within our own training facility we can get our agents trained up to support your particular software package.

Timely Support

First call resolution is the standard we strive for.

Innovative Ideas

We are constantly looking for new ways to be your source for unique technology solutions.

UL Certified Central Station

VMSUS is a UL certified central station for Signal, Fire Alarm Equipment, and Services. View here

Clear Communication

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